Central approval of company

Apply for central approval

Central approval is a voluntary quality scheme that shows that the company meets the requirements for professional qualifications, quality assurance procedures and seriousness in according to the Building Application Regulations.

In the application you must document the following:

  • Diploma, certificate or other evidence of educational qualifications
  • Reference projects describing which tasks the company has performed according to the approval areas
  • Quality assurance procedures appropriate to the activities for which your company is seeking approval
  • An organisational plan showing the distribution of responsibilities and authority in the company
  • Permanent employment for the professional management of the company, for example in the form of a written employment contract
  • Optional supplementary information documenting that the company is approved as a training company and/or has occupational injury insurance and/or liability insurance
  • Deferred payment of tax and duty claims as a result of the corona virus situation
  • You must confirm that the company fulfills the following:

  • Requirements for health, environment and safety in the Internal Control Regulations (Internkontrollforskriften)
  • Requirements for quality assurance procedures for the fulfilment of planning and building legislation

The Norwegian Building Authority oversees centrally approved companies and checks, among other things, that the company's quality assurance procedures are in accordance with requirements in the Building Application Regulations and that they are in active use.

Central approval is given for three years at a time. The company may apply for renewal of the approval by the end of the approval period. The company must document that it meets the requirements that apply to the renewal date. The company may also expand their approval with multiple approval areas or development classes within an existing period.

To apply for central approval on behalf of your company, you must have the appropriate rights in Altinn. If you do not have these already, you can be granted them.
How to get the necessary rights in Altinn

A complaint regarding central approval may also be submitted via this portal.